From your school teams, athletic endeavors, teacher tees, to just supporting a player, we can help you make a statement at your educational events!  

All Star Admin Team
Distance Learning for Teachers!

Teachers have your back everywhere!

Robotics Team Custom Tees
Robotics Team
Spirit Wear
Make Plays in whatever sports arena you are in
Duffle bags for the alumni
I play for the kicks
She's a soccer girl
Supporting the team!
4th grade Represents
Robotics Team for baby sister

The baby can support too :)

Back of baby onesie
Peace out first grade
First grade Immersion for teachers

Back of Immersion tees

First grade Immersion for students

Back of Immersion tees

Tennis Champions performance tees
Football player towels

Used during games

Front and back of First grade

V-necks for the teachers

Workout towels
Super Teacher
Back of Super Teacher

Teaching is my superpower

Most Valuable Player

40th Birthday Performance tee

Back of 40th Birthday tee
Support your cheerleader

Grey hoodie and royal blue performance tee

Support your ballet child

Need a hoodie?

Afterschool club
Cheer mom glitter

Mom's love to support their kids!

I Survived 5th grade

End elementary school with a bang

Back of I survived 5th grade
Boys basketball uniforms

Helping to make the boys and girls basketball team look good!

Sped squad

Vnecks and standard necks

Speech squad

Speech teachers want to represent

How I learned my ABC's
abc 2
Special Teacher

Teaching is a calling

special teacher 3
Immersion Kindergarten

Greeter aprons! Hola!

Kindergarten squad

Kindergarten teachers want to represent!

kindergarten squad
Claymont Kindness

Schoolwide initiative for students and teachers!

Claymont Kindness

Office staff schoolwide intiative

2nd Grade Teamwork

Second grade teachers come together to rock out the beginning of the year

Elementary robotics team
Spanish Immersion First grade tee
V-neck adult first grade tee
Youth first grade tee
Elementary robotics team

Students and adults

Claymont Elementary robotics
School District tennis club
Basketball championship tees
#thestudentsmatter movement
Don't Teacher for the money
Punctuation saves lives

Fun teacher shirts

Spanish version for Immersion
School logos for the work attired
Volleyball team representing!
Back of Volleyball tee
Hoodies and longsleeves

Mom and twin represent

Back of hoodie and longsleeve
Schoolwide staff tees

English and spanish

Back of schoolwide tees
Volley team hoodie